Property Valuation 


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Initial Valuation

You may be an experienced landlord or dipping your toe into the investment market for the first time. Either way we want to be involved from this time onwards.

We pride ourselves on how best to advise on how your property should be presented to appeal to the discerning tenant. Be it as simple as dressing beds, a fresh lick of paint, freshly cut gardens or removing unwanted items, we want to impress the market with your property_ One would be amazed at how a property can be better presented with minimal fuss and cost, but to maximise rental figure and calibre of tenant.

We are always happy to advise, to the best of our knowledge, with regards to landlord’s financial Responsibilities. RTB, Property Tax, Income Tax implications and overseas withholding tax (where applicable).

The Ideal Tenant

The most opportune situation for any landlord is to havetheir choice of tenants. Depending on the time of the year and market conditions interest can vary.

Individual landlords may prefer families, professionals sharing or the student markets. At some times it may be more beneficial to wait a longer period to get a stronger calibre of tenant. At times a lesser offer, in monetary terms, may actually be a better long-term prospect.

We will bring our experience to the table and give best advice as we see it, however you, as the landlord, will make the final decision.

Property Valuation - Gillespie Lowe

Depending on the time of year and market conditions we would always advise to advertise your property c. 4/6 weeks prior to a potential lease commencement date.

Property Valuation - Gillespie Lowe

Although all staff members of ONG Gillespie Lowe are proficient in photography, there are times when we would advise a professional photographer be used. This is not to put an extra cost on our client, but to capture the property in a better manner than we may be able to.

Property Valuation - Gillespie Lowe

Preparing for viewings will follow a similar pattern. Prior notice is given by the agent to the landlord/tenant. We would ask that property be presented as uncluttered as possible, beds made, counters cleaned down and at times to go as far as to burn incense/air fresheners placed throughout the property.

Property Valuation - Gillespie Lowe

In the cooler months keeping the house heated for viewings, in the summer months airing the property and showing the property at opportune times of the day.